Put the Smart Factory into Practice


Use big data and advanced analytics to fuel your Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Smart Factory Initiatives


Powered by the VIMANA platform, System Insights helps discrete manufacturers collect data from shop floor assets and enterprise systems then aggregates and enriches the data to add context to the manufacturing process.   Manufacturers can monitor and gain deep insights into machines, plants, people, and processes to improve utilization as well as predict and problem solve operational issues to improve operational performance using sophisticated analytics and visualization tools.


Connect and Secure
Connect securely to a wide array of multivendor and legacy factory assets using MTConnect and OPC.

Enrich and Analyze
Enrich and analyze volumes of machine data, generating metrics and insight to gain visibility and control of manufacturing operations.

Integrate and Optimize
Integrate and optimize shop floor data with industrial platforms and mission-critical systems.


VIMANA is for


Plant Managers


Accurately measure and improve asset utilization and productivity



Understand production problems and disruptions


VIMANA Management.png

View realtime data across all sites and plants



Give feedback on manufacturing issues, recommend solutions

IT/OT Leaders


Compare actual performance with plan


Case Studies

We are using VIMANA to make decisions and improve awareness across the facility. Our operators have welcomed the objective data that VIMANA has brought, and we are being fully transparent with the analysis.
— Elisabeth Smith, President & CEO
VIMANA has given us the capability to make data-driven decisions, which has helped us improve the quality and reliability of our composite manufacturing process. We can react immediately and avoid Monday morning autopsy.
— Brian Roberts, Director of Manufacturing
We saw a 10% increase in utilization just by displaying VIMANA on the shop floor. We were able to identify that the actual cost per machining hour varied from the calculation previously used, helping us reassess our competitiveness in the market.
— Nicholas Mueller, System Analyst