Analyze and Improve your Total Production Efficiency

vimana analyzes real time shopfloor data and finds patterns and trends that help you eliminate downtime and improve productivity.

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vimana applies pattern matching to measure and improve your real productivity using realtime shopfloor data


vimana helps you understand why you are in a downtime and gives you the insight required to recover and eliminate them


vimana keeps track of complex part flows across your manufacturing facility and builds historical traceability records


vimana helps you measure and improve the efficiency of your energy-intensive manufacturing processes



Real-time Dashboard

In one glance, everything you need to know about your shop.


Historical Reporting

vimana lets you analyze your shop’s performance over time and understand why problems occur and how to fix them.


Data on the Go

Get the real-time status of your machine tools from anywhere in the shop … and from anywhere in the world.

Improving Equipment Utilization: Curtiss Wright Controls, Shelby NC

Case Study

Improving Production Line Capacity and Utilization: I M Gears Pvt. Ltd., Chennai India

Case Study


vimana is 100% compatible with the open source MTConnect standard for manufacturing data interoperability

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vimana can integrate with a wide range of factory equipment including CNCs, PLC, sensors, and energy meters

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Manufacturing Big Data

Read more about research and development at System Insights at our blog, Manufacturing Big Data.

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