Real-Time Dashboards Production Status, Utilization, and Part Count:

  • Gain centralized visibility into shop-floor performance
  • Insight into real-time machine status (producing, set-up, planned, or unplanned downtime) in a cell or across the plant floor
  • Track production efficiency, part information, and part count by day or shift

Detailed Machine Report by Day or by Shift:

  • Understand utilization, fault count, and part count across multiple shifts
  • Insight into potential device issues
02 device details.png

Operator Efficiency by Shift:

  • Comparison by shift by machine

Machine Operational Conditions & Production by Day or Shift:

  • Customizable machine status insight
  • Up to 30 different attributes can be available depending on the machine type to provide insight into production of the device

Downtime Report by day, week, month:

  • Review of unplanned and planned downtime overtime
  • Causal of downtime
  • Duration and trend of downtime

Condition Report Tracks Faults:

  • Understand faults and casuals
  • Durations and trends 


  • See your plant's performance from anywhere
  • Keep track of production disruptions and downtimes from on the road