Real-Time Dashboards and Alerts

  • Production efficiency, part information, and machine status at a glance allow you to visualize your shop-floor data
  • Gain centralized visibility into shop-floor performance 
  • All the information you care about in one place makes shopfloor data accessible to everyone
  • Receive email or text message alerts when production cycles are interrupted to minimize downtimes 

Interactive Reporting

  • Drill down to understand performance trends
  • Measure your performance and identify improvement opportunities
  • Search, analyze, and find meaning in your machine-generated data
  • Use analytics to extract actionable insights

Stripe Charts

Operator Feedback

  • Interactive analysis allows operators and machinists to visualize their machine’s performance

  • Annotate and comment on the machine's performance

  • Empower operators to meet their goals

Auto-classified Downtimes

  • Transform machine-generated data into valuable insights

  • Accurately and automatically calculate your production efficiency 

  • Determine root causes of machine failures


  • See your plant's performance from anywhere
  • Keep track of production disruptions and downtimes from on the road


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