Case Studies

VIMANA has given us the capability to make data-driven decisions, which has helped us improve the quality and reliability of our composite manufacturing process. We can react immediately and avoid Monday morning autopsy.
— Brian Roberts, Director of Manufacturing
We are using VIMANA to make decisions and improve awareness across the facility. Our operators have welcomed the objective data that VIMANA has brought, and we are being fully transparent with the analysis.
— Elisabeth Smith, President & CEO
We saw a 10% increase in utilization just by displaying VIMANA on the shop floor. We were able to identify that the actual cost per machining hour varied from the calculation previously used, helping us reassess our competitiveness in the market.
— Nicholas Mueller, System Analyst


We have been extremely impressed with both the System Insights organization and its best of breed software product, VIMANA. With this technology, we will be able to dramatically improve our production efficiency and extend our leadership position in aerospace manufacturing.
— Damian McArdle, Managing Director of JW Kane
After the success we had with VIMANA and System Insights at our Mayday and Hartzell Engine plants, we are excited to bring them into HPI. That now makes three Tailwind operating companies leveraging this technology to improve our production efficiency.
— Bob Allenbaugh, VP of Manufacturing, Hartzell Propellers Inc
We started with a different software and couldn’t get to the finite level of reporting we needed. We switched to VIMANA and haven’t looked back. The service is great, software has the level of depth we needed, and the reporting is intuitive. We look forward to the savings we will gain from this investment.
— Shawn Thompson, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, S&S Cycle
After looking at several other monitoring and analytics software solutions on the market, VIMANA really stood out by enabling us to see what is going on the shop floor and when production downtimes do occur automatically identifying the reason and raising an alert in real-time. OEE systems we’ve seen out there just do not have the analytics capabilities to do this.
— Brian Reed, Plant Manager, Coast Composites

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