What is MTConnect?

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free standard that is intended to foster greater interoperability between devices and software applications. VIMANA leverages MTConnect technology to collect data from a variety of manufacturing equipment, not just machine tools. System Insights is a supporter and contributor of the MTConnect standard.

Is VIMANA web based?

Our standard VIMANA product is a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that allows you to access your shopfloor data from anywhere using a web-browser. We also offer a hybrid on-premise solution for large enterprises.

Do you offer pilots?

Yes, we offer pilots of the VIMANA SaaS application. Please contact us to learn more about how to get started.

How do you collect machine tool data?

We use a variety of methods to collect machine tool data, but the one constant is our use of the MTConnect standard to maintain consistency in the data that we collect. MTConnect adapters are present for each machine or device and the MTConnect agent retrieves the data.

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How do you connect older machines or equipment that is not MTConnect compliant?

Many shops typically have some older equipment that they do not think they will be able to monitor without expensive hardware. This is not true. Our VIMANA Connect platform brings hardware IO-based support to legacy machines, allowing data collection from them.

How do you store the machine data?

System Insights primarily uses a secure SaaS cloud-based application where we reliably manage all of the hardware and application components. We host the data in secure data centers that meet the SAS 70 Type II requirements for security and process. Please contact us to learn more about our cloud architecture

How do you define “Producing”?

VIMANA utilizes a sophisticated rules engine which can leverage a variety of data items to accurately determine when a machine is producing a part. We can customize producing rules for each individual machine in your facility using a combination of data items such as spindle speed and load, feed rate, program information, and many more.
Most machine monitoring software products only rely on one data item - a green tower lamp signal, for instance - but we have found that this method provides very inaccurate utilization data.

Can you automatically classify downtimes?

Yes, we automatically classify as many downtimes as possible. Shift schedules, breaks, and other planned downtimes such as machine tool setup and part handling delays can be automatically classified. Unplanend downtimes like machine faults can also be automatically classified by the application.

Can VIMANA support operator input?

Yes, VIMANA supports operator input using a variety of methods:

Operator Interface

VIMANA has an operator interface where operators can directly interact with the data. Operators can highlight downtimes to reclassify them as planned or unplanned, add comments, and even merge cycles to annotate machine data in real-time. The operator interface can be displayed on a tablet or PC at the machine or in a cell.

Barcode Input

VIMANA supports barcode input to update cycle classifications, enter current part data, and to start or stop a shift or break. These barcode scans update the software in real-time

We have strict IT security. Are you able to limit the data that reaches your servers?

Yes, we can filter the data items that we collect before it ever leaves your facility. We frequently work with defense and aerospace suppliers and we are very familiar with security concerns.

Do you offer an on-premise deployment?

VIMANA is available as a hybrid on-premise deployment where the manufacturing facility hosts both the software and the data collected. Please contact us to find out more about our hybrid on-premise deployment.

Do you offer a mobile application? Can I view VIMANA on my tablet device?

We currently have a VIMANA iOS application and we are working on an Android application. You can also view your VIMANA site in any modern/up-to-date web browser on your phone or tablet.

##Can VIMANA send me email or text message alerts?
Yes, VIMANA can send you both text and email alerts. We can customize alerts based on machine down times, emergency stops, machine faults or warnings, and a variety of other machine or time based criteria.

##Will you provide training? Is the training included?
Yes, we provide free training to all of our users.