System Insights Partners with Mazak to Make the Smart Box Smarter

System Insights has collaborated with Mazak to bring VIMANA Enrich to the Mazak SmartBox, making it smarter with the power to enrich data streams at the edge. VIMANA Enrich processes data streams from the machine tool in realtime and provides information about when the machine was making a part, who was operating the machine, what was happening while the part was being made, and reasons for machine downtime. 

VIMANA Enrich analyzes the machine data and understands the machine's behavior within the context of the manufacturing process. It gives end-users extensive insight into exactly what their manufacturing equipment is doing in real time. VIMANA Enrich provides continuous feedback to the SmartBox’s resident MTConnect Agent using an extended set of data items and vocabulary. The software combines its process knowledge with MTConnect data to provide the necessary contextual understanding of current processes. In doing so, it paves the way for better, more intuitive decision-making where complex analytics and prognostics are used to compare patterns to historical norms and provide key performance indicators and send alerts when processes are operating incorrectly.

To learn more about VIMANA Enrich and the Mazak Smart Box, download the whitepaper here